Dog handler conditions:

  • Seat of residence in the country he represents at the event
  • In the case of more residences just one country can be represented
  • Entry fee must be paid completely
  • Registration via e- Mail must be completed
  • Permission to store and process registration data that is revealed within the scope of this event
  • Permission to publish film and photographic materials, wich are taken during the event.
  • A copy of the pedigree and proof of performance as starting authorisation in the respective class must be sent to the competition office together with the registration. All documents must be presented as originals on the day of the competition.
  • Proof  of membership in an organisation that´s member of the WDSF

Dog conditions:


  • Minimum age according to FCI rules
  • Valid anti-rabies vaccination (veterinary certificate will be checked)
  • Free from contagious diseases and physical impairments
  • Eligibility to start in the registered class documented in the working book
  • Pedigree/ breeding book made out by the FCI or a FCI-Partner (e.g. AKC)
  • Registered in the breeding book of the country he represents



  • full name of the dog and the handler
  • address and e- Mail
  • category to start in
  • no. of working book and pedigree no.
  • working book and pedigree as copy
  • membership of an organisation that´s member of the WDSF
  • send all together to [email protected]
  • afterwards you will get a confirmation and the bank account for payment
  • starting fee: 50,- €

For interested people which have no member- organisation of the WDSF in their country, please fill out the form for the permission to participate: